Your first step. First word. First day at school. First class teacher. First trip alone. First friend. First best friend. Firsts have always been special, right?

I remember my first day in the school I’m in currently. I was in grade 5 and I didn’t know anyone. I actually remember trembling my way into the classroom and seeing new faces introduce themselves to me. I could goon and on about the people I met but basically they were really nice and accommodating. I remember how much I loved that first day when I was allotted my house(blue! btw), did pottery and yoga!

It’s the first day of my last year of school tomorrow. Instead of feeling special, I feel pathetic right now. I’ve been in this school for 7 years and although I haven’t been in this school from kindergarden, it feels like forever here. I’ve met people, and seen them leave. I’ve had some of my happiest moments here, and some of my saddest. Although in the past few years its been more sad than happy, I know I will miss this place a lot.
Okay so I just want to say(a little hastily written but I penned it down anyways),

Here’s to the happiness that clouded our sadness,
Here’s to our ignorance when we came and the uncertain maturity we will leave with,
Here’s to the horrible south Indian food and the spectacular rajma chawal when we actually had lunch,
Here’s to the school canteen’s ice cream sandwiches and the ”eight rupee” mouth watering samosas,
Here’s to being one of the stupidest scienceys ever,
Here’s to all the exams I passed and failed,
Here’s to fangirling between classes and being a total nerd,
Here’s to classical dancing on stage like no one’s watching,
Here’s to the teachers I love and who love me back,
Here’s to all the school trips, you all have taught me so so much,
Here’s to leaving the familiar and known,
Here’s to the beginning of the end,
Here’s to never having to grow up,
Here’s to school, my first home ❤

Last first day of school?
Let’s rock.



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