There’s something about Harvey Specter that just makes me 😍.

To those who haven’t seen this TV show, it is about a kickass lawyer named Harvey Specter played by the immensely talented Gabriel Macht who hires an associate Mike Ross played by Patrick J Adams knowing the fact that Mike has never been to Law school let alone Harvard, which is a requirement to join the law firm.

Even though Mike has never been to college, he is a natural to law and his chemistry with Harvey is perfect!

Other lead characters include Harvey’s quirky secretary Donna, played by Sarah Rafferty who is in on this secret and Rachel played by Meghan Markle , a paralegal at the firm who interacts with Mike.
Jessica Pearson played by the gorgeous Gina Torres, is the managing partner of the firm provides a perfect balance to the show endearing herself to the viewer.
And when talking about a law firm there are friends and foes, some within and some outside the firm. Rick Hoffman plays Louis Litt, another exemplary character on the show.(I’ll let you decide whether you like him or not, but honestly he brings the whole show together.)
Although the pace of the show is slow, it is full of action in every scene. It is well written and is on its 5th season as of July 2015.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Suits to a person looking for a drama category show; it doesn’t feel heavy as it has comic relief woven into the plot. With the perfect background of NYC, beautiful clothes and a sexy cast, you can’t help but love it!


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