Animal Farm: Ovation to Orwell’s Outstanding Outlook

Yes, the title is an amazing alliteration. Moving on.




“Animal Farm” written by George Orwell is probably one of the most thought provoking fictional stories ever written. It is NOT ‘A Fairy Story’ contrary to its caption, it is about the struggle of animals against oppressive rule.

Tired of poor treatment by Mr Jones, the owner of the Manor Farm, the animals are inspired and they revolt against him. They are successful and after long enslavement by humans, they vow: All animals are equal. Yet, as the story progresses we soon see some animals are more equal than others…

The underlying theme of the story is absolute power corrupts absolutely. The turmoil faced by the animals is a metaphor for the Russian Revolution of 1917 where leaders got more corrupt than the Tsar they overthrew – here the animals became greedy for power like the humans originally were. Lies, manipulation, propaganda and excuses for exploitation are interwoven into this story, describing the rise of Soviet dictatorship.

It is a study of human nature cleverly portrayed by the use of animals. The characters in this book include pigs, horses and humans who show a spectra of emotions.

The message of this novel is universal and is applicable to all uprisings and rebellions since and before 1945(when the book is set); talking about how nothing really changes as far as regimes go. It is a satire on socialism, delving into politics of power, set in a quaint British farmyard.

The pace of the novel is neither slow nor too fast making it a detailed and compelling page turner with an unexpected twist at the end. I highly recommend this book to all- from intrigue to satire, this is a timeless classic that everyone must read.



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