Slam Poetry: Origin.

As a part of literary society, I had to prepare slam poetry! This was kind of a ten minute effort(clearly-even a five year old can write better..) but I had a lot of fun watching videos of Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye along with some spoken word legends! This art combines my love for speaking as well as the element of drama in its performance and I certainly want to perform again!(maybe with a better poem..)

This poem is based on my experiences- questions I have faced from many of my friends…this is what I prepared:


Most people ask me the question,

Beyond anyone’s comprehension,

Where are you from Vandana?

They try to guess my mother tongue

But to their dismay

I tend to stick to English

And throw in some Hindi rubbish.

Just to confuse and befuddle

Every other damsel

who comes and asks me:

Where are you from Vandana?

My brows furrow waiting for the first guess

In search of the first person who will impress,

And find out my origin,

So the questions begin:

“You’re a Punjabi right?

I smile and nod, Hmm…Not quite

I always assumed that you were from Delhi?

Lived in Gurgaon for 13 years, not really.

Bihar or Gujarat?

You give me Maharashtra vibes

Chattisgarh- Living among the tribes?

Assamese or Marathi?

Tumi Bangali?

Vandana- Vijay is your surname?

People from all over India,

call themselves the same!”

“At least tell me which part of India you are from?”

South India I relent-

knowing it will take you more time

And it is definitely a crime

That you think Kannada is a state.

I eagerly wait-

after 5 more tries

Victory is in your eyes

That you have guessed it!

Tamil Nadu yes, waiting for the racist statements

And questions about my not so dark complexion

That I endure with much restraint

With a smile on my face

This question is ALWAYS followed by another that

Is to “Say something in South Indian, na?”

And I strike my forehead

In dire need to explain my origin

all over again.

Note to reader: Although this poem was mainly written by me to entertain, the underlying theme and the attitude of people of some cultures with others is highly unacceptable. As a victim of teasing and being a “bloody south indian” as some call me- I urge you to not tolerate racism even in its slightest form. Moreover, I think I consider myself a human, a citizen of this world and then an Indian, a south Indian in that order.



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