Made for movie screens

The first time I saw him

was wrong they said,

It had to be accidental and romantic.

We should have fallen in love at first sight

and known then

that this was right.

He sat across the room from me

we shared awkward glances

as i caught him staring at me intently

from a distance.

We would never talk but when we did

I was scared that i would say 

something stupid and drive him away

not knowing that

he was afraid too.

We had much in common

and were equally different

we didn’t listen to the others

telling us how wrong this was

the different stratas we belonged to

the different lives we lived; but

I remember how he smiled

at me in the distance

when i did something clumsy

and how i smiled

when he did. 

We fought

A lot, with as intent

as we first dotingly stared at each other.

Tears and anger haunted us

but what never left us were the smiles

and the clumsiness

on which we always blamed our tiffs 

The first time i saw him

was wrong they said,

it had to have been accidental and romantic

but they didn’t know

how much we worked with each other

how much we knew this was right

how the looks, the smiles and the clumsiness

never left our side.



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