Once upon a time: Recap and What next?

It’s no secret to most who know me- this is my one of my all-time favourite TV shows!
Season 5 premiere: September 27, 2015.

Note: This is just my opinion of the show, I do not mean to offend or insult anyone or their work. Also I may have a few facts wrong(I’m human okay) this is just me ranting about this show, I’m in love with it! I don’t own any of these images.

For those who haven’t seen it, this show started off as an adaptation of stories(fairy tales and more) and how the characters were thrown into present day Maine, into a town named Storybrooke.
The show has definitely crossed oceans since then, introduction and death of many, many characters.

I think season 4 started of on a little tangent with the Frozen storyline although the cast and acting was pretty good keeping in mind our beloved animated movie. Just when I thought OUAT had probably run its course with another curse, the end of the frozen storyline in the mid season finale meant the introduction of the three queens of darkness which in my mind showed a lot of promise and beat all expectations. Out of the three, I loved Maleficient as the search for the author continues throughout the remaining season. The author and the sorcerer are found and the most AMAZING and totally AWESOME two part Season Finale: Operation Mongoose happened.

Kudos to the writers of OUAT, you guys are truly talented!

At the end of season 4, the Dark One is on the verge of dying due to a darkened heart. The sorcerer and the heroes try to help Rumpelstiltskin when the evil/darkness inside him escapes and threatens to destroy the town. It attacks Regina but Emma eventually thrusts the Dark One’s hammer into the darkness and disappears, but not before she tells Hook that she loves him. The season ends with the clanking of the hammer on the ground with the words ‘Emma Swan’ written on it.


Here is the trailer for season 5:


Clearly, Emma has turned into the Dark One and appears to be imprisoned in this trailer. She looks quite different from usual(probably because she just became the dark one)- her eyebrows are clearly white so there is some change in terms of her look for the beginning of season 5, although compared to Rumpelstiltskin’s extensive makeup, Emma almost looks the same other than shiny and paler skin.


In terms of my OTP, that is EMMA and HOOK of course, I don’t think they will break up any time soon. Her becoming the Dark One in fact, I think will bring them closer due to both of their obvious badass attitudes. Emma now doesn’t have the obligation to do the right thing, that was actually resplendent throughout season 4, where she was morally conflicted as were her parents, Snow and Charming. I don’t think Emma will turn completely evil,(the trailer shows her to be quite vicious) as Henry is in her life and I hardly think she would go aginst his ideals of a hero..

hook gif hospital

Zelena, the wicked witch of the west is having Robin Hood’s child but we saw at the end of S4 that Robin and Regina still love each other and they will try to figure things out with Zelena’s pregnancy. 640_Once_Upon_a_Time_Outlaw_Queen_02

Snow and Charming at the end had just won Emma’s goodwill after she learned about their bad deeds, but now they seem to be helpless as she takes the decision to become the dark one. They may initially be scared of the new Emma who they may not even know truly anymore. I am sure that they will be accepting although no one can guarantee Emma’s reaction towards them.

Baby Neal is also growing up and I think what would be cute would be if he starts reading the once book by himself. Another adorable thing would be his possible interaction (omg yes) with Hook!

Rumpelstiltskin revives after all the evil is removed from him as he awakes in the finale. I think although Belle was concerned about Rumple as he was dying, I don’t think they will get back together. Reason below:

Okay the biggest question arises- what will happen to the story? Henry, probably what was a rash decision, broke the author’s pen to be a hero but he may just have to the show into jeopardy (like it already wasn’t in hmm). Although the author was imprisoned into the book, the story had to confine itself to a particular plotline- the heroes were heroes and the villains were villains and they could lean towards a grey area(like Regina with her transformation to good) but couldn’t cross sides. Now nobody has a fixed objective and it would be interesting if there are any changes in the two sides. Now the fairy tale couples are not obligated to love each other- Belle and Rumple’s love story now may be put into further trouble!

giphy rumple

Of course, with the release of each season there are new characters and villains. Here is a preview of one of the new characters:



This is the girl from brave but I’m a little hazy on who she is or what could be her role but we’ll have to wait and watch. Merlin has also been introduced as another character into this installment of OUAT- some fellow theorists say that he could possibly be Lily’s father(whaaat).

Also, Rebecca Mader and Sean Maguire have been promoted to series regulars but Michael Socha is now part of the guest cast 😦 Also, we are to be taken to Camelot, where MERLIN, the legendary sorcerer is to exist- who the heroes will start looking for..

Again, I’m loving this TV show and cannot wait for the next season(I have exams during the premiere but I’ll watch it anyway hehe).

P.s If you have made it to the end of this absolutely long, rant-ish article, comment below (on what you think will happen to the show or just in general!) If you’d like, I can do a review/summary of the show from the beginning..drop me a message!


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